PSTC: Gun Range

Gun range phone: (503) 794-8023

The PSTC offers two gun-range lanes:

Blue Range

  • 10 lanes of 25 yards.
  • This is the range primarily used by public shooters. The targets are manually operated. Additionally, there is a laterally moving target that can be used for moving-target drills.

Green Range

  • 8 lanes of 25 yards.
  • This range is used primarily for law-enforcement training. A wide variety of target systems are available including friend/foe moving targets.

MILO Range Force Option Simulator

The PSTC offers a Milo Range Force Option Simulator. A variety of training scenarios and basic handgun, rifle and shotgun courses on the simulator are available. The simulator provides great training opportunities for shoot/don't-shoot decision-making.

Gun-range services: