PSTC: Gun Rentals, Ammo for Sale, Armory Supplies

Gun Rentals

  • Over 65 guns for rent -- complete list (PDF)
  • You must have a working firearm with you to rent one.

Rental pricing:

  • $10 members
  • $12 non-members
  • $6 revolver

Clean-Fire Ammunition

All ammunition must be purchased from the PSTC Armory. When available, "clean fire" ammunition will be used. It virtually eliminates lead vapors generated at the firing point - by combining a total metal jacket and a priming mixture containing no toxic elements.

List of ammunition for sale (PDF)

Ammunition for all classes must be purchased from the Public Safety Training Center on day of class.

All ammunition prices are subject to change without notice.

Armory Supplies

For the convenience of the shooting enthusiast, the PSTC Armory carries shooting glasses, hearing protection, targets and self-defense ammunition, catering to both the public and law enforcement. Products from prominent vendors are featured.