PSTC: Room & Range Rentals

Room & Range Rentals

Ranges, classrooms, and the defensive tactics room are available for rental by police agencies. For more information contact the PSTC at at (503) 794-8072.

Gun Ranges

Blue Range

  • 10 lanes of 25 yards.
  • This is the range that is primarily used by public shooters. The targets are manually operated. Additionally, there is a laterally moving target that can be used for moving target drills.

Green Range

  • 8 lanes of 25 yards.
  • This range is used primarily for law enforcement training. A wide variety of target systems are available including friend/foe moving targets.

MILO Range Force Option Simulator

The PSTC offers a Milo Range Force Option Simulator. A variety of training scenarios and basic handgun, rifle and shotgun courses on the simulator are available. The simulator provides great training opportunities for shoot/don't-shoot decision-making.

Defensive Tactics Room

The Defensive Tactics Room provides a safe learning environment for hands-on training. Training dummies are available for use for agencies interested in training, if you have no Defensive Tactics Instructors, you can contact Capt. Dave O'Shaughnessy at (503) 785-5000 for assistance.

The DT room is available for public safety agencies for training purposes. Agencies can also incorporate integrated training by using the fully matted DT room, Shoot / Don't-Shoot Simulator and line-fire range.


The PSTC has two state-of-the-art classrooms for your training needs. Training aids such as projection systems, laptops, and other equipment is available upon request.

Classrooms can also be converted to conference rooms to fit your needs.