Veterans Appointment Information

Please bring the following documents to your appointment.  If you are missing documents needed to process your claim, we will help you get them.

  • Proof of Military Service, preferably original DD214 or discharge document. 
    We can make a certified copy if you show us the original. If you do not have the discharge document, please attempt to know the dates of active duty service or the veteran's service number.
  • Doctor's name, address, and telephone number.
    We will obtain the necessary medical information about current disabilities and/or limitations. If you have private medical records, please bring these to your appointment.
  • Marriage Certificate for current marriage. 
    If veteran or current spouse or widow had previous marriages, a complete marital history for all parties, to include when a marriage began and when it ended and the name of the former spouse(s).

Pension Claims

  • A current bank statement.
    A bank statement showing all sources of family income including Social Security, retirement pensions, IRA, interest or dividend income, etc.
  • Financial information.
    Value all assets, including stocks, bonds, annuities, IRAs, CDs, rental property income, etc. 
  • A summary of related expenses.
    All out of pocket, unreimbursed medical expenses paid each month by the veteran and/or spouse or widow. This can include expenses for medical insurance premiums, prescriptions, medical co-pays and cost of care in home or in a facility, etc. ou may bring a listing of these expenses for the year previous to the date of your appointment. In some cases, VA may be able to establish eligibility a year earlier than the date of claim.

Widow's Claims

  • Death Certificate
    For the veteran or the date and place of death.