Mission Values


The Social Services Division seeks to provide quality services and meaningful opportunities for the elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of Clackamas County.

Through citizen participation and the efforts of the Boards, staff, and volunteers, we recognize the goal of creating a comprehensive system which meets immediate service needs while encouraging as much self-help and independence as possible.

We further recognize the important role of planning and coordinating with other agencies and organizations and the importance of developing new programs and approaches to effectively meet identified needs.

Finally, we recognize the vital role of advocacy. Individual advocacy helps to guarantee rights and ensure access. Systemwide advocacy, on the local, state, and federal level helps to ensure a broad focus on the important issues affecting the populations we are committed to serve.


All participants (clients; board, committee and task force members, volunteer and paid staff; contract agencies and other organizations; the general public) shall be treated with dignity and respect.

Anticipation, responsiveness, and innovation is expected in working with each other on the needs of the elderly, disabled, and low income people of Clackamas County.

An open environment, one that is non-bureaucratic and accessible is expected; participants will have every opportunity to be involved in decision making (except as relates to legitimate confidential matters).


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Office Hours:

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