Clackamas County is working with community partners to design and construct a temporary transitional shelter community for homeless veterans on a 1.5-acre site near the corner of 115th Avenue and Jennifer Street in unincorporated Clackamas. The site will contain up to 30 innovatively-designed sleeping pods, a community kitchen, showers and restrooms, and a community room. Residents will be offered a variety of health, counseling and other support services.

Since development of the village began, we have heard from people and organizations that wish to donate to help make the Village a success.  At this time, while work is underway to prepare the site, we are gratefully accepting financial donations, but are not able to receive any donated items. 

Donations may be in cash, check or money order made out to Clackamas County and sent or delivered to Emily Klepper, Commission Policy Advisor. 

Public Services Building
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