Phase 2A: Sunrise Gateway Corridor

Vision: This project will optimize local connections to increase safety and transform a significant portion of Hwy 212 from a dangerous state highway into a safe corridor with new mode options.

The construction of this phase will improve the quality of life of the existing residents by enhancing access, slowing speeds and reducing congestion (by removing multiple intersections). This project will create protected bike lanes and pedestrian facilities on a stretch of Hwy 212 that currently has none.

Construction of this phase will include:

  • Grade-separated intersection to 142nd Ave
  • New local connection between 135th Ave to 142nd Ave
  • Improved intersection at 135th Ave/Hwy 212/224
  • Removal of signal at the 142nd Ave/Hwy 212/224 intersection
  • Roundabout at 142nd Ave to access the mobile home park
  • Conversion of 152nd Ave/Hwy 212/224 intersection to left-in/right-in/right-out
  • New facilities for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit
  • Right of way for potential future park and ride


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