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Sunrise Gateway Corridor / Highway 212

Vision: Providing safe connections and travel options for the 13,400 area residents who live in the nearby area east of Happy Valley, and support future residential and economic growth.

  • Improve safety: Sunrise Gateway Corridor improvements will increase the safety of current high-crash intersections in this area.
  • Create connections between already-existing pathways for pedestrians and bicyclists: Including supporting the regional Mt. Scott/Scouters Mountain Trail Loop Master Plan that would connect the Springwater Corridor to the Clackamas River and Clackamas Industrial Area, and provide a protected multi-use path from Clackamas Town Center to 172nd Ave.
  • Support housing affordability: This project will support Happy Valley’s new urban renewal district, which will dedicate 7% of its revenue to affordable housing projects and will encourage housing for middle income people.
  • Open access to new jobs and housing: More than 14,000 new jobs, 14,000 additional housing units and 43,000 more people are expected in this corridor by 2040.
  • Provide a parkway: This new, two-lane parkway with a separated path for pedestrian and bicyclists will allow residents to safely get to schools, parks, transit and jobs without driving, make Highway 212 a safer, less congested roadway, and provide additional bicycle and pedestrian options.
  • Support Clackamas to Columbia (C2C) development: Sunrise Gateway will connect into the Columbia to Clackamas (C2C) Corridor that runs north-south between the cities of Happy Valley and Gresham, providing improved regional connectivity and congestion relief in one of the state’s fastest growing areas. Project improvements on the west end of the Sunrise Gateway will reduce congestion on I-205 and on OR 224 and OR 212.
  • Climate Smart: This project will actually reduce greenhouse gases by 0.1 ton during the busiest time of day (5 p.m. to 6 p.m.) because of reduced congestion.


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