Exercise Class Descriptions

Yoga & Yoga Strength
Yoga includes stretching, flexibility, breathing, balance, and strengthening. Yoga Strength takes the yoga you have been doing and adds weights (bring your own 4, 5, 6, or 7 lb. weights) and some more advanced poses. It includes stretching, flexibility, breathing, and balance with more emphasis on strengthening. 

Stretch N’ Flex
This class offers gentle stretching to help your body create energy for movement. Breathing and developing flexibility are used to help you increase your range of movement and prepare your body for more exercise. This class is great for individuals who want to ease into physical activity, in a calm and supportive environment.

Take some time for yourself! Relax. Meditation elicits the relaxation response, which is useful for reducing stress and anxiety. This class will focus on breathing techniques that can help relax the body and the mind. Join us for a calming, soothing and restful practice to help restore yourself and maintain balance.

20 Minute Stretch
These 20 minute “no sweat” classes are based on yoga stretches, breathing, and will enhance your rejuvenation. No changing clothes or yoga mat is required. Bring socks so you can take off your shoes.

Better Body Boot Camp
Located at Better Body Fitness NW we have access to a results based boot camp. It includes resistance training, cardio and a core conditioning workout all in a 45 minute training session.

Pilates help to strengthen the center of the body, lengthen the spine, build muscle tone, and gain flexibility. Pilates addresses the body as a whole to bring it into balance, support posture, and develop core strength.