When it comes to food, what we put in our bodies affects our health. At Clackamas County, we strive to provide healthy and local food selections. Our hope is to have choices that provide healthy options.


Thursday Farm Stand

The Red Soils Farm Stand is a pilot partnership with the Oregon City Farmers' Market that brings fruit and produce to the Red Soils campus every Thursday from 11:15 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the growing season. The Farm Stand is located in the Development Services Building lobby. To learn more about this program, visit the Sustainability intranet webpage or contact Eben Polk.

Oregon City Farmer's Market

The Oregon City Farmer's Market is year round at the Red Soils Public Services Building parking lot on Saturdays. Please see website for Winter season bi-weekly dates.

Meeting and Event planning

Are you planning a meeting or an event with food? Many of our colleagues are trying to eat healthy. As a County, we are striving to create a culture of wellness. One way you can contribute is to make sure that events have a water option (preferably not in a plastic bottle) and a fruit option as alternatives to soda and cookies.