Newsletter Guidelines

We strive for Wellness & Safety @Work to be a unique County newsletter, by and for employees promoting our health and safety.

Please follow these guidelines for submission of your articles:

  1. 1 page maximum, including pictures. Less than a page is most welcome. The Wellness & Safety Team reserves the right to edit. Feature articles may occasionally take more than a page, especially with lots of pictures.
  2. Include at least one picture, preferably of County employees or places. If a picture is not possible, find some clip art.
  3. We are striving for articles to contain some element of personal connection to Clackamas County employees and experiences. Please avoid the “generic should messages” (eat right for your heart, get more exercise, etc.) Instead, tell a story about you or an employee who is role modeling the message.
  4. We want articles to be original and unique. While we will publicize messages and events, it is best if your Wellness & Safety @ Work article won’t be found reprinted from or in other publications.

Thanks for your submission and sharing wellness & safety with your colleagues.