No refund policy

Clackamas County Wellness Program arranges for exercise classes to be held on County locations for the purposes of exercise, movement, flexibility, and health. We hope that you find them enjoyable, accessible, and affordable.

We do not offer refunds for classes for any reason related to employee participation, including medical issues, personal schedule changes, dissatisfaction with class, inability to get to class, etc.


Clackamas County Wellness Program subsidizes exercise classes by providing a room and registration services. The fee for exercise classes pays only for the instructor, and thus is a reduced rate compared to most fees you will find in the community. Once we give checks to the instructor, we have no control over refunds. Teaching exercise classes does not appear to be a lucrative living, and we do not want to jeopardize our relationships with instructors or money that may have already been used by the instructor by asking for refunds.

Paying for an exercise class is a commitment on your part to attend. There are so many things in life that call us to do something else aside from attend class. We provide inexpensive classes to reduce barriers to exercise. By not providing refunds, we participate in designing an experience we hope you will be able to attend.

If you are not sure you will be physically able to participate in class, or are unsure about whether you will like the class or the instructor, then please try our “one free class*” offer to try out a class before you commit to paying the full 10-week fee. (One class refers to one session for each of our wellness course offerings, such as one yoga, one Befit, one Pilates, etc.)

Is there any way to get my money back?

Here’s what others have done: Give your class to a co-worker, or call Jason to find out if there’s anyone on the waitlist. (A new participant is required to sign the waiver.) Potentially she or he can pay you for the remaining classes, take you out to lunch, or return the favor in some way.

What if the instructor cancels class?

Occasionally, due to instructor sickness, weather, or other reason, class must be cancelled. In this case, a make-up class will be scheduled on one of the “off” weeks. If we are unable to schedule a make-up class, then your fee for the next 10 weeks will be pro-rated. If you are not signing up for the following quarter, you may attend the first class in that quarter (waiver required.)

What if the instructor is unable to complete the quarter?

First, we will attempt to complete the quarter with a substitute teacher. If that is not possible, then we will provide a refund for the missed classes.