Nursing Moms’ Rooms

Oregon Wage and Hour Law, Employee Rest Periods for Expression of Breast Milk, requires:

  1. Employers need to provide time and a private space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their child. The space cannot be a toilet stall or restroom.
  2. Employers need to provide a 30-minute un-paid rest period for expressing breast milk for each four hours worked.
  3. Breastfeeding mothers need to give their employers reasonable advance notice that they need these accommodations when they return to work.

More than following the law, we recognize the well-documented health advantages of breastfeeding for infants and mothers. Clackamas County provides a supportive environment to enable nursing mothers to express their milk at the work site.

One room in the DSB and one room in the PSB are designated "Nursing Moms' Rooms" only.

Other buildings may have wellness rooms. These rooms are all designed as "Lactation Rooms" to meet building code to comply with the law about providing mothers a place to express breast milk. They include a hospital-grade nursing chair, electric outlet, and a sink. Often, when there are no nursing moms, these rooms are used for many wellness reasons. When a nursing mom needs a room, she receives priority. If, as in the case of the DSB/PSB, the wellness rooms become so busy that it’s difficult to get in, then a room may be changed into a Nursing Moms’ Room only.

The wellness rooms have been well used by employees for many health reasons. We ask that employees be considerate of each others’ needs in using a wellness room, and limit your time in the room to 15 minutes.

Access to the Nursing Moms’ Rooms

If you are a nursing mom, ask your supervisor to submit a work order to facilities requesting access to the Nursing Moms’ Rooms, noting the employee name, department, and supervisor approval. Your ID badge will be programmed to allow access.

See list below for other buildings with wellness rooms. If your building does not have a suitable room, or you cannot access the existing wellness room, please contact Tamra Dickinson at 503-742-5486.

If you have any questions regarding this law or its application, please call Eric Sarha at 503-655-8292.

Room locations

  1. Development Services Building – Two rooms on 4th floor, one designated solely as a Nursing Moms’ Room.
  2. Public Services Building - Two rooms on 2nd floor, one designated solely as a Nursing Moms’ Room
  3. WIC -999 Library Ct. Oregon City Red Soils Campus - One lactation room also used by WIC participants: contact 503-723-4929 (office line for employees only) or 503-723-4932 Breastfeeding Peer Counselors
  4. The wellness rooms in the following buildings may only be used by employees who work there:
    • Brooks (CCSO)
    • C-Com
    • Central Utilities Plant (CUP)
    • Juvenile
    • Holman (DA’s Office)
    • Stokes
    • Technical Services 2


Breast Feeding Laws

Breaks: Rest Periods for Expression of Breast Milk

Thanks for supporting the health of nursing moms and their babies!