Participate in local fitness walks/runs

The Wellness program will reimburse half your registration fee.

Date Event
June 30, 2018
Rugged Maniac
Team captain: Mark Lundervold, CCSO
Aug. 11, 2018
Team captain: Mark Lundervold, CCSO

* Send your scanned receipt, picture, and sentence to Team captain


  1. The Wellness Program will reimburse half the registration fee (sorry, no extra fees like parking, t-shirts, etc., are included). The maximum reimbursement per person, per race is $75.
  2. A "race" or "event" includes walking, running, biking, relay, or obstacle course events. It doesn’t need to be a "race;" it could be a walk. If your event is a free fundraising event, ask Wellness about its "charitable giving" program, where we can make a donation to the organization in lieu of reimbursing ½ your race fee.
  3. E-mail Jennifer Joslin Brown to get your race pre-approved for reimbursement. Include event name, date, and registration website.
  4. Groups need at least 3 employees participating for reimbursement. Family members and significant other are eligible for reimbursement, but they do not count toward the 3 employee minimum.


  1. Participants must register and pay for the full cost of the event.
  2. Give copy of receipt(s) to Team captain. Receipts are mandatory - no receipt, no reimbursement.
  3. Team captain will collect pictures and "statements" (a word or a sentence) from participants describing their thoughts and experiences of the event. This will be published in Wellness & Safety@Work. Thank you for sharing the fun; it encourages others to organize an event.
  4. Team captain will submit the receipts and reimbursement form to Jennifer Joslin Brown, Benefits Analyst.
  5. After the event, when pictures and statements have been received, participants' names and reimbursement amounts will be submitted to Payroll.
  6. The reimbursement amount for employee and family members will be paid on the employee's regular paycheck and is taxable.