Walking and Places To Go

Workplace One Mile Walks

Need a place to walk during your break, and like to know how far you have gone? We have a few choices for you depending on where you work. If you don't see your workplace here, send us your one mile route and we will add it to the collection.

Red Soils Walking Group

Walking Group

Are you looking for a group of people to walk with during lunch? Walking with others can help keep you motivated, and provides some friendly company along the way. Learn more about the Red Soils Walking Group.

Where to Walk - Local trails

Occasionally, we find great local trails that are only a quick drive away from the office. These trails are highlighted in our "Where to Walk" series in the Wellness & Safety @ Work Newsletter. See the "Where to Walk" articles below for ideas of places to walk during your lunch or after work. We are always on the lookout for new location, so please contact us if you have a local trail you would like to have highlighted below and in the newsletter.

Walk! Connect!

Walk! Connect! is a walk and lunch event co-sponsored by the A-Team, Wellness, and Public Health. Meet coworkers and get a sandwich/fruit for $2. If you have an office with at least 15 participants, we can bring you lunch and walk a mile loop in your area.