Red Soils Walking Group

We wanna walk. You wanna walk?

We try to walk everyday at lunch but sometimes things get in the way so if one can't go, the other one doesn't go either.

So we created a “self-organizing” group so that walkers could show up every day and have walking partner(s).

Meet by the flag pole between the PSB and the DSB every working Monday - Thursday at 12:03 for a 25 minute walk through the park and back. That leaves you at least 30 minutes to eat your lunch and go back to work invigorated and refreshed!

There’s no commitment to be there every day-just whenever you can! You’re invited to come walk from 12:03–12:28 p.m. Monday–Thursday.

This group operates under the principles of “self-organization.” There is no formal leader. There might be four people or more or less. We hope that there are at least 2 per day to provide each other company. The group will leave promptly at 12:03. If you are late, we hope there is someone else who is late too so you have company. We hope lots of people learn the local trails and loops so there are resources to pass onto newcomers. We hope there is support, fun, and someone with a pace similar to yours. A self organizing process evolves to meet the needs of the group. See you out there!