Where to Walk Canby Logging Road Trail

By Hillary Westlake, Juvenile

This weekend my family and I walked the Old Logging Road Trail in Canby. Round trip this walk is 7 miles, it starts by Trost Elementary and ends at the Willamette River. Click here to see some more information about it. The best place to start (and park) is at Trost Elementary School, the path sits directly behind the school, and there is a nice path from the school that takes you back there. Every .25 miles is marked on the trail so you know exactly how far you have gone. Depending on the time of year you have your selection of fruit along the trail (apples, blackberries and cherries). Kids are enter-tained with the train (if you happen to walk across the bridge as it passes by underneath) and/or the squirrels that like to run across the path and play in the trees. Once you arrive at the river (this is where the path ends) you can watch the Osprey in their nest. This walk is stroller and bike friendly.


Canby Logging Road Trail Canby Logging Road Trail Canby Logging Road Trail Canby Logging Road Trail