Where to Walk Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

By Brenda Hein, Community Corrections

My walk was at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. Walking through the almost 10 acres the park encompasses is amazing. In the spring when I went for a walk there, all of the 2,500 plants, flowers and bushes were in bloom. Waterfalls and a pond provide an ideal area for native birds. At every turn you find something beautiful that warrants you to stop and take it all in.

The garden is located on SE 28th Avenue, one block north of Woodstock between Eastmoreland Golf Course and Reed College. To access the garden, TriMet bus #19 Woodstock will take you there. The bus takes alternating routes as it goes through Eastmoreland; ask the driver for the stop nearest the garden. Click here for more information.


Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden