Where to Walk Deep Creek Canyon

Walked by Tamra Dickinson, with write-up and idea from Jim Labbe

Deep Creek Canyon & The Cazadero Trail is a place to get away from it all via foot or mountain bike. Deep Creek Canyon descends 500 feet from Boring to the Clackamas River. This forested ravine and tributary watershed is large enough to provide a major wildlife corridor between the Clackamas River bluff and the Gresham Buttes. Known as the Cazadero trail, the gravel roadway extends three miles from downtown Boring into the canyon, mean-dering along Deep Creek. The trail descends gradually with the creek to the left. You can get a good look at it from a culvert crossing where power lines intersect the trail. After about 0.7 miles the forested ravine closes in on ei-ther side of the creek and trail. You’ll encounter plenty of jays, robins, and northern flicker, or perhaps a red tailed hawk or turkey vulture soaring over-head. At about a mile you’ll reach a few isolated residences. Please respect private property and stay on the trail. Continuing south the signs of civiliza-tion become less and you feel the canyon’s depth when the eastern ridge top comes into view. After around 3 miles the trail leaves the creek and stops abruptly at the former location of a rail trestle that once spanned Deep Creek and North Fork of Deep Creek.

How to get there: Access the Cazadero trail from Hwy 212 in Boring, just west of the intersection with Richey Road. Formal parking is at “Boring Station,” the end of the Springwater Trail and public park in Boring. After parking, use the crosswalk to cross Hwy 212 at the light; the trail starts behind the Shell Station. Cars also park at the undeveloped trailhead. From Richey Road, turn behind the Shell gas station into the flat, gravel, potholed parking area. You will see the big trailhead sign and map for “Cazadero Trail.”


Deep Creek Canyon Deep Creek Canyon Deep Creek Canyon