Where to Walk Oaks Bottom Bluff Trail

By Katie Dunham

My husband, 3 ½ year old daughter and our dog, took advantage of a sunny Sunday morning in February, and walked what we call the Westmoreland Park - Oaks Bottom Bluff - Sellwood Neighborhood Trail. We started near Westmoreland Park in Portland and walked to the Springwater Corridor Trailhead, located at SE Milwaukie Avenue. From there, we walked down to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and then walked the Oaks Bottom Bluff trail.

The trail had just re-opened, after significant improvements by Portland Parks and Recreation. The grand re-opening of the trail was scheduled for March 9, 2014. The trail is a LOT of fun for children, as they can spy wildlife (including herons, eagles, and turtles) and little waterfalls, splash in puddles, and the walk it isn’t too hard or too long for them. Additionally, the tree canopy provides some shelter if you run into rain. The refuge is a respite from urban living. At the south end of the trail, we continued our walk up SE Spokane, and had a snack at the Jade Tea House, on SE 13th Avenue, before completing the loop. We estimate our walk was about 3.5 miles, with about a mile in the middle for the Oaks Bottom Bluff Trail.

To learn more about the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and find out how to get there, visit the City of Portland’s Parks & Recreation website.


Oaks Bottom Bluff Trail Oaks Bottom Bluff Trail