Where to Walk Stone Creek Golf Club

By Pattie Stromberg

I was recently at the walking trail at Stone Creek Golf Club (14603 S Stoneridge Drive, Oregon City). It is a very popular walk for many of us that reside in Oregon City. I love the chipped trail first off. The fact that it surrounds a golf course is another plus in my book along with the variety of sights and sounds on the 2.75 mile trail. When I start my walk I see the driving range on my left and hear the roaring of the steady stream of the traffic on Hwy 213 on my right. Within minutes I am in the wetlands that lead to a cool forest that is accompanied by soothing sounds of running water from Stone Creek. Soon enough I am back on the golf course and eventually will come to the doggy watering hole where my companion will stop for a quick drink before continuing on to the end.

I love this walk and meet many nice fellow walkers, both two legged and four legged. I would recommend this walk for all levels of walkers and runners.


Stone Creek Golf Club Stone Creek Golf Club