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Clackamas County alarm ordinance.

About the Alarm Ordinance

The Clackamas County alarm ordinance (Chapter 8.07 of the Clackamas County Code) was enacted to help reduce the number of false alarms that the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office receives. Currently, over 98% of all burglary and robbery alarms prove false. Sheriff’s patrol units are dispatched to all alarms. The hours and resources used during responses to unfounded false alarms is a burden on resources.

Neighboring counties and cities utilizing similar alarm ordinances have experienced greatly reduced numbers of false alarms within their jurisdictions. This results in patrol officers being more available to meet other requests for service. With limited revenues, increasing county populations, and only a limited number of deputies, it is important that the deputies and resources of the Sheriff’s Office be allocated to their best use.

We expect the Alarm Ordinance to help us make more efficient use of our deputies and provide more timely law-enforcement service to county citizens.

Confidentiality Notice

All permits and alarm information will be kept confidential. Access to these records will ONLY be available to Sheriff’s Office employees who must use them in the administration of the Alarm Ordinance.

Alarm Permit Requirements, Fees & Fines

Alarm Registration Fees

Residential $20
Residential with primary resident 65 or older No charge*
Business $50
Government buildings No charge

*A primary resident age 65 years or older is exempt from the permit fee. They are however, still required to have permit on file at the Sheriff’s Office.

The ordinance provides for an additional penalty fee of $75 if the alarm user fails to obtain a permit with the Sheriff’s Office within 30 days after the installation of an alarm system.

Permit Term

The alarm permit is valid for a 12-month period beginning on the date of issuance as stated on the permit.

Permit Renewal

Renewal notices are mailed approximately one month prior to the permit expiration date. The permit holder is responsible for submitting the applicable renewal fee and any account information updates to the Sheriff’s Office Alarm Unit on or before the expiration date.

False Alarms

False Alarm Fines & Additional Fees

1st False Alarm No Charge
2nd False Alarm $50
3rd False Alarm $100
4th False Alarm $150
Failure to obtain a permit $75

False Alarms, Permit Suspension and Appeals

What is a False Alarm?

The Clackamas County Alarm Ordinance defines a false alarm as "an alarm signal eliciting a response by emergency services when a situation requiring a response does not in fact exist."

Common Causes of False Alarms



What To Do If You Set Your Alarm Off Accidentally

False Alarm Prevention Tips



For more Information / Links

• If you have additional questions regarding the Alarm Ordinance or the attached application, please contact us at 503-785-5183 or email us.

Outside link: False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) -- "Experienced emergency and industry professionals working together, on your behalf, to help to put an end to false alarms, wasted time and frustrated public servants."

Info on Home Alarm Sales Scams / Buying a Home Security System (PDF format)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my alarm company or I call dispatch to cancel before a deputy arrives, is the alarm still considered a false alarm?
A. Yes -- once a deputy is dispatched and en route to the alarm location it is considered an "Alarm Response." Once a deputy does arrive at an alarm location, the deputy is required to leave notification including the date and time of their response and a short message (i.e., "premise found secure" or "door found unlocked," etc.).

Q. If my alarm goes off during severe windstorms, ice storms, major power outages or other conditions beyond my control will I be liable for the False Alarm?
A. No -- a false alarm does not include an alarm signal caused by uncontrollable conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances.

Q. If my children or pets set off the alarm when I am not at home, will I be charged for a false alarm?
A. Yes -- you may be charged for the false alarm. You may always call the Sheriff’s Office at 503-785-5183 and ask to speak with the Alarm Coordinator to explain situations that may have extraordinary circumstances.

Q. If my alarm just has a bell that rings outside of my residence once triggered, am I still required to carry a permit with the Sheriff's Office?
A. Yes -- any alarm that rings outside of a residence or business where citizen can hear the alarm going off and possibly call the dispatch center is required to carry a permit. This type of alarm system is what is considered "audible-only."

Q. I'm over the age of 65 and own a business within Clackamas County that has an alarm system. Is my business exempt from the permit fee?
A. No -- business permits are $50 for one year.

Q. I run my business out of my home. Am I required to carry two permits -- one for residential and one for my business?
A. No -- as long as your business is within your home and not in a separate building, you are only required to carry a residential permit.

Q. I have two buildings on my property, each with an alarm system hooked up. Am I required to carry a permit for each building?
A. Yes -- each individual building is required to carry its own Business or Residential permit (whichever applies).

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