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From the City of Wilsonville "Police" page:

The City of Wilsonville contracts with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to provide law-enforcement services to the City. Since the contract with the City was first signed in November, 1979, law-enforcement services have increased from 12 hours of police time per day (84 hrs per week), to 24 hours per day (680 hrs per week), and from 1 officer to 17.

The contract not only offers the City an economical way to provide police services, but it also allows the City to take advantage of some of the special services that a larger law enforcement agency, like Clackamas County, has available. These special services are available to the City on an as-needed, as-available basis and include:

The Wilsonville / Clackamas County contract also provides the City with a Chief of Police. Our current chief is Lt. James Rhodes. A July 2013 Oregonian interview with Lt. Rhodes can be found here.

Lt. Rhodes and the Wilsonville Police are committed to protecting, serving, and working with the Wilsonville community.

In addition to the Chief of Police position, the Wilsonville / Clackamas County contract includes a School Resource Officer (SRO) position. The SRO works directly with youth in the school setting to teach drug awareness and provide a positive role model and police presence for students.

The Wilsonville Police also participate in a Juvenile Diversion Program designed to help at-risk youth. This program provides additional community resources to divert at-risk behavior before it escalates.

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