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Sheriff Craig Roberts

Craig Roberts was sworn in as the Sheriff of Clackamas County on Jan. 4, 2005, and re-elected to office in November 2007. Born and raised in Clackamas County, Roberts has risen through the ranks of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office over the past 30 years. After starting out as a reserve deputy in 1979, he was hired full time in 1982, and subsequently joined the SWAT team, serving for 10 years as a member of the elite tactical unit. After five years on patrol, he transferred to an undercover narcotics unit, working cases that led to the successful prosecution of major drug trafficking organizations in federal court.

Promoted to detective after five years on the drug unit, Roberts started working property crimes before moving up to investigating armed career criminals and ultimately rape and homicide cases. As a father of three, he was especially affected by cases that involved the death or abuse of children, which prompted him to launch several initiatives to address the problem.

First among these was the Child Abuse Team -- a group of dedicated investigators that combined the resources of law enforcement, social services, the medical community and other professionals to identify and protect children in danger of abuse. For two years, Roberts worked at CARES Northwest at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, a medically-based child abuse assessment and intervention program based in Portland that serves 1,400 families each year. Roberts worked with abused children and served as a liaison for other law-enforcement agencies to the center.

In 1999, he launched the Child Abuse & Family Violence Summit. The annual event is now recognized among the best conferences in the nation. In 2008, it brought more than 700 participants from across the United States and around the world. Other initiatives followed, including the multi-agency Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team, which he led as its director, and the National Family Violence Apprehension Detail — a coordinated warrant sweep by law enforcement agencies all over the country, which has served as a model for more recent federal efforts.

After being elected in 2004, Roberts introduced Crisis Intervention Team training to the Sheriff’s Office, to better prepare deputies for encounters with persons suffering with mental illness. He also championed a $42.7-million public-safety levy, passed by voters in 2006, that re-opened 84 jail beds that had previously been shuttered due to lack of staff.

Since becoming Sheriff in 2004, he has developed two new multi-jurisdictional teams to address specific criminal threats. To combat the trafficking of methamphetamines and other illegal drugs, Roberts created the Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force, which combines local, state and federal resources. Then, recognizing the danger to children from Internet sexual predators, he formed INTERCEPT — the Inter-agency Child Exploitation Prevention Team. It includes the sheriff’s offices in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, as well as state and federal partners, who work together to detect, investigate, arrest and prosecute predators.

In 2007, building on the expertise of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in search and rescue operations, Roberts launched Northwest SARCon. The fall conference brings nationally recognized leaders and experts to Oregon, to educate public safety officials and volunteer search teams.

In 2008, he emerged from the May primary with almost 80 percent of the vote in a three-way race, clearing the path for another four-year term in office.

Undersheriff Matt Ellington

Matt Ellington was appointed Undersheriff by Sheriff Roberts on June 1, 2009. He first joined the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office as a Cadet in 1986. Three years later, he became a Reserve Deputy; one year after that, he became a full-time Deputy Sheriff in the Patrol Division. Ellington has served as a detective, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. During his career, he has worked on many assignments -- including the Special Investigations Unit, Special Weapons And Tactics Team (SWAT), Child Abuse Team and Search & Rescue. He holds an executive certificate and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Undersheriff Ellington supervises our Patrol, Investigations, and Support Services divisions.


Chief Deputy Kevin Layng

Chief Deputy Kevin Layng was appointed by Sheriff Roberts in February 2014.  He started his career with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in 1987, after serving four years as a Law Enforcement Specialist in the United States Air Force. He worked in the CCSO Special Investigations Unit, the Regional Organized Crime Narcotics task force and Patrol operations until being promoted to Sergeant in 1999. Chief Deputy Layng remained in the Patrol Division as a sergeant until 2006 when he moved to the Detective Division to supervise the Homicide and Violent Crimes Unit. Chief Layng was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008, then Captain in 2009.  While holding the rank of Captain, he worked primarily as the Patrol Division Commander, managing patrol operations and special units attached to patrol, such as K9, Marine, Traffic and Search and Rescue.  

Chief Deputy Layng has been attached to the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team in several capacities since 1990, working from a deputy position up to the Team Commander.  Under his guidance, the team transitioned to a multi-agency unit, taking on police officers from several city police agencies located within Clackamas County.

Chief Deputy Layng holds DPSST Police certification at the Executive level and is a 2012 graduate of the FBI National Academy. Chief Layng will supervise three divisions of the Sheriff’s Office; Jail, Civil and Community Corrections

Captain Dave O’Shaughnessy
Civil Division

Captain Dave O’Shaughnessy has been with the Sheriff’s Office since July 1993. He started in Law Enforcement in the Oregon Air National Guard as an Air Force Law Enforcement Specialist. He also served as a Reserve Officer for North Plains Police Department in 1991 and as a Reserve Deputy at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office until being hired by Clackamas County in 1993.

In 2000, he was promoted to Sergeant. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2003 and Captain in 2007. In 2012, he became the Support Services Division Commander.

O’Shaughnessy was named the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association Civil Manager of the Year in 2005 and OSSA Enforcement Commander of the Year in 2010. He holds an executive certification from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Captain Kevin Poppen
Investigations Division

Captain Kevin Poppen has been with the Sheriff's Office for over three decades. He graduated Southern Oregon State College (now Southern Oregon University) in 1981 with a BS in Criminology, and was hired as a Corrections Deputy in September 1982. He was promoted to Deputy Sheriff (Patrol) in December 1984; to Detective in January 1992; to Sergeant in August 1994; to Lieutenant in March 1999; and to Captain in July 2007.

As Captain, he was first assigned to the Support Services Division, switching to the Investigations Division in February 2012. 

Capt. Poppen was the Founding Director of the Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF) -- the first coordinated group effort by local and federal law-enforcement officials to solve methamphetamine and other drug problems in Clackamas County.


Captain Mike Alexander
Jail Division

Captain Mike Alexander joined the Sheriff's Office as a Corrections Deputy in February 1992. He was promoted to Corrections Sergeant in November 1998; to Corrections Lieutenant in November 2002; and to Captain in February 2009. In December 2011, the Oregon State Sheriff's Association (OSSA) named Capt. Alexander its Jail Manager of the Year -- recognizing him for achievements that included seeing the Clackamas County Jail through a complex remodel and overseeing the adoption of a new healthcare system for inmates.


Captain Chris Hoy
Community Corrections

Chris Hoy has been with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, holding the rank of Captain, since February 2008; he is the Community Corrections Director. Captain Hoy began his career with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in 1989, where he was a Records/Property Clerk, Corrections Deputy, Sergeant and Jail Commander. He left Lincoln County in 2003 to become the Jail Commander in Marion County, where he served until December 2007. Captain Hoy was the OSSA's Jail Commander of the Year in 2000, and has twice served as the President of the Oregon Sheriff's Jail Command Council. He holds Basic, Intermediate, Supervisory, Middle Management and Executive Certification in Corrections from DPSST. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science with an English minor from Willamette University in 1987.


Captain Wendi Babst
Support Services Division

Wendi Babst earned her BS in Criminal Justice from Southern Oregon and her Executive Master of Public Administration degree from PSU, and began her career with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in 1984 as an office specialist. She was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1988. She worked in the Patrol Division, acted as a Field Training Officer, and served as Public Information Officer during her time as a deputy. She was promoted to the rank of Detective in 1988, and served as a major-crimes detective until 2005. From 2005-06, she again served as PIO until she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in May 2006. As Sergeant, she worked assignments in the Patrol Division, acted as the team leader for the Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) and supervised of the Cadet Program. In 2007, she was selected as program director for the multi-disciplinary Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team (DVERT) and helped establish the Inter-agency Child Exploitation Prevention Team (INTERCEPT) -- serving as the sergeant there until 2009, when she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. As Lieutenant, she served as a patrol watch commander, Chief of Police for the cities of Happy Valley, Damascus and Estacada, the commander of the Clackamas County Inter-agency Drug Task Force (CCITF) and Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and as Lieutenant for the Investigations Division. In 2011, she was named as Outstanding Task Force Commander by the Oregon High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program (HIDTA). In March of 2014, she was promoted to Captain and assigned to the Support Services Division. Captain Babst is also the program manager for Crisis Intervention Training -- and serves as an instructor at the semi-annual trainings for the Sheriff's Office and other regional CIT programs. She also teaches criminal justice courses at Clackamas Community College as part of their adjunct faculty. She lives with her husband of 29 years and has five sons.

Captain James Rhodes
Patrol Division

James Rhodes began his career in law enforcement as a Reserve Officer with the Oregon City Police Department, where he was later hired as a Police Officer. In 1997, he was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. He was promoted to Detective in 2007, to Sergeant in 2009, and to Lieutenant in March 2012. From August 2013 to February 2014, he served as Chief of Police for the City of Wilsonville, which contracts with the Sheriff's Office for dedicated police service. In February 2014 Rhodes was named Captain of the Patrol Division.

Capt. Rhodes has worked on many assignments for the Sheriff's Office -- including Patrol, Search and Rescue, the Special Investigations Unit, the Child Abuse Team, the Robbery Unit, Field Training, the Public Information Office, and contract service work with the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, among many other duties. He is an Eagle Scout.


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Sheriff Craig Roberts

Sheriff Craig Roberts

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