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NCPRD receives financial reporting award

Notice of Public Test

Land to grow jobs

Land to grow jobs

Future prosperity depends on the long-term availability of employment lands.

County Parks

County Parks

It’s camping season in Clackamas County! Find your favorite campsite at Barton, Feyrer or Metzler Park.



Get involved

Get involved.

You can help guide county decisions by serving on an advisory board or commission.

The Road Ahead

Clackamas County is at the crossroads of an expensive problem.

Live Healthy

As a county resident, you may be eligible to save on prescription drugs.


Parcel information, building characteristics, taxes, utilities and more

Performane Clackamas

Our plan to ensure high performance standards for serving customers

Building permits, inspections and forms

Building permits, inspections and forms

Our Core Values

Our values for interacting with customers and one another

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