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In the news

Carver Bridge approaches to be completed this summer; includes new traffic signal, Clear Creek Bridge repairs

Mount Hood area land swap official

State of the County

State of the County set for Jan. 31

The public is invited to attend and ask questions about last year’s progress and this year’s goals.

Homelessness state of emergency

Homelessness emergency

The county declared an emergency to ensure homeless residents have safe, warm and habitable shelter this winter.

Our response to the Happy Valley lawsuit

Our legal response to the Happy Valley lawsuit

Complaint outlines several misleading claims in Happy Valley’s lawsuit against NCPRD.

Watch the Director of NCPRD respond to lawsuit claims.

County, Gladstone agree on settlement over library

County, Gladstone agree on settlement over library

A path forward toward a comprehensive library solution.

Next meeting planned for Monday, Jan. 29.

Transitional Housing

We’re working on a pilot project to provide decent, safe, and sanitary shelter for our veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

Performane Clackamas

Our plan to ensure high performance standards for serving customers

Customer Service and Satisfaction scores

Donate supplies for our homeless vets

We are gratefully accepting financial donations for the Veterans Village.


Property information, building characteristics, utilities and more

Stategic partnership

NCPRD and North Clackamas School District are finalizing details on a strategic partnership.

Performance Clackamas

We're always looking to improve. That's the Clackamas County SPIRIT.

main photo courtesy of Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory