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Keep pets cool and protected from fireworks, advises Clackamas County Dog Services

Clackamas County announces hiring of new director of Department of Employee Services

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Everyone depends on safe roads, but in Clackamas County, our roads are at risk. Without preventive maintenance now, restoring roads later will cost 10 times more. What can be done to keep our roads safe and in good condition?

Cooling centers

Cooling Centers

With temperatures on the rise, the county has identified several regional cooling centers where residents can beat the heat.

Get Trained to Help

Pet Safety

As temperatures—and noise levels—rise this Fourth of July, keep your pets cool and protected from fireworks with these useful tips.

Leaders In Sustainability

Leaders in Sustainability

Are you a business owner who wants to lower your utility costs and improve operational effiency? How about promote your image as a leader in resource conservation? The Leaders in Sustainability program is for you.

Legislative AgendasLegislative Agendas
Review the county's 2015 state and federal legislative priorities.

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Your county commissioners want to hear from you!

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Receive timely updates on your county services.

Learn about the county's 2015-16 budget.

Find parcel information, including building characteristics, tax info, utilities and much more.

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Our long-term direction and prioritization of resources.

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