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In the news

Clackamas County Planning Commission to discuss proposed code changes related to transitional shelter communities July 24

Free Summer Meal Program and Recmobile for Kids



Review 2017–18 county budgets.


Learn the risks of opioids

Like much of the U.S., our county is battling an opioid epidemic. Pain pill dependence can happen to anyone, which is why we helped launch AnyonePDX.

Small Grants

Small Grants

Small grants are doing big things in our communities, helping the most vulnerable residents of our county. Nonprofits can apply for a small grant by Aug. 21.

Get Invloved

Get involved

Help guide county decisions on health, housing, parks, and more.

Report potholes

Report road concerns, from potholes to overgrown vegetation.

Building permits

Building permits, inspections, and forms


Property information, building characteristics, utilities and more

Performane Clackamas

Our plan to ensure high performance standards for serving customers

Legislative agendas

The county’s federal and state legislative priorities

Civil rights, Equity and Workforce Character

Removing barriers to fairness in representation, opportunity, and access

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