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Celebrate the new-look Beavercreek Health Clinic Aug. 13

Cooling centers open in Clackamas County

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Clackamas County Fire Defense Board and Clackamas County Emergency Management wish to remind the public to use extreme caution while tending to open fires during this summer's unusually hot, dry weather.

County Fair

County Fair

Food, entertainment, carnival, exhibits, livestock, and—of course—the rodeo! The Clackamas County Fair is one-of-a-kind fun for the whole family, so don’t miss out. Buy your Fair, Rodeo and Derby tickets online so you can head straight to the excitement!

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

Are you prepared for an earthquake? Do you know what to do when the ground starts shaking? Learn how to protect and equip yourself for our region’s earthquake hazards.

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Monthly eNewsletter

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Legislative AgendasLegislative Agendas
Review the county's 2015 state and federal legislative priorities.

JobsTown Halls
Your county commissioners want to hear from you!

Stay Informed Stay Informed
Receive timely updates on your county services.

The Road AheadMarijuana
Join county discussions about marijuana land use laws and regulations.

The Road AheadThe Road Ahead
Will unsafe roads be among the costs of delaying maintenance?

Performance PlanPerformance Clackamas
Our long-term direction and prioritization of resources.

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