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In the news

Cooling centers open in Clackamas County

Canby Ferry returns to service May 19 after successful repairs and inspection



Special district and recall election results as they become available.

Urban and rural reserves

Urban and rural reserves

We're moving forward with Metro to settle regional urban/rural reserves. Review recent and upcoming activities.

Canby Ferry

Canby Ferry

The Canby Ferry reopened on May 19 after an extended closure for repairs and inspection. Watch a short video showing the ferry being lifted from the water using a new method.

Think different on stigma

Think different on stigma

Clackamas County employees share their experiences with mental health and the stigma that surrounds it. Watch the videos and share your experiences using the hashtag #ThinkDifferentOnStigma.

Report potholes

Report road concerns, from potholes to overgrown vegetation.

Building permits

Building permits, inspections, and forms


Property information, building characteristics, utilities and more

Performane Clackamas

Our plan to ensure high performance standards for serving customers

Legislative agendas

The county’s federal and state legislative priorities

Civil rights, Equity and Workforce Character

Removing barriers to fairness in representation, opportunity, and access

main photo courtesy of Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory