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Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) has expanded its original role: CERT used to respond solely to incidents within the Clackamas County Jail; now it's charged with responding to large-scale riots and disturbances within Clackamas County and elsewhere as needed.

This team comprises members from within our Corrections Division — including 12 operators, one tactical medic and a team commander. Also attached to the team are six skilled Crisis Negotiators, recruited from within Corrections.

CERT team members stay in a constant state of preparedness — thanks to ongoing physical training and evaluation, plus hundreds of hours of mission-specific training. The team uses a broad range of tactical equipment — including a full spectrum of non-lethal weaponry.

CERT is trained to handle:


“Semper Vigilo” – Always Vigilant

CERT CERT CERT CERT training CERT training

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Clackamas County Sheriff

Sheriff Craig Roberts

Sheriff Craig Roberts

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