Professional Standards Unit

The Sheriff’s Office values citizens’ feedback. Therefore, any complaint will be taken seriously and investigated appropriately.

If you have an incident about which you would file a citizen complaint, you may pick up a complaint form at any of the Sheriff’s Office stations or download an electronic copy here (PDF format).

If you go to a station, you may fill out the form there and give it to a Sheriff’s Office employee, or you may take it home and return it at a later time.

If you need help filling out the form, ask a Sheriff’s Office employee for assistance. If you download a copy, you may return it to any one of the sub-stations. If you need assistance from home, call us at (503) 785-5000.

There are four sections you will need to complete:

  • Type of Complaint: Please indicate whether the complaint is a citizen complaint, an internal complaint, or an internal inquiry. Also indicate the date, time, and location from which the incident arose from. Please note if there was an incident or case number associated with the incident. Finally, please indicate which Sheriff’s Office personnel were involved in the incident. 
  • Complainant(s) Mentioned: Please fill out information regarding the person who is making the complaint report.
  • Witness(es) Mentioned: Please fill out information regarding any witness(es) that may have information regarding the complaint.
  • Alleged Violations/Specific Complainant: Please indicate what the complaint is about. Please be as specific as possible.

If you need immediate assistance regarding a complaint against a member of the Sheriff's Office you can call (503) 785-5000 and ask for an on-duty supervisor to call you back.

Download the form here. (PDF)

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