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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Photographing a crime sceneMembers of our CSI unit are trained in crime-scene investigation, photography and latent print examination.

This unit provides round-the-clock assistance to the Patrol Division, Detective Division and local municipalities at major crime scenes -- assisting with identification, photography, seizure, transport and processing of evidence.  The members are also experts in latent print examination and identification.

Our forensic artist assists the Patrol Division, Detective Division and many agencies in and out of Clackamas County with suspect identification. Based on comprehensive interviews with eyewitnesses, the forensic artist is able to draw accurate depictions of suspects involved in crimes. Using the drawings and computerized mug-shots, the forensic artist is often able to help deputies develop a suspect.

Pictured at left: Using an alternate light source to locate fingerprints.

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Sheriff Craig Roberts

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