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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit

CSI analysis

Our Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit comprises two full-time sworn Criminalists.

CSI Criminalist badge and crime-scene tape Our two Criminalists are State-Certified Medicolegal Death Investigators as well as Certified Crime Scene Investigators. They are members of the Sheriff's Office Homicide and Violent Crimes Unit (HVCU) and serve on the multi-agency Major Crimes Team (MCT).

Our Criminalists have received thousands of hours of training in the following areas:
When not investigating crime scenes, our Criminalists process evidence for latent finger- and palm-prints. Both Criminalists are finger- and palm-print examiners, and are often called to testify in court as expert witnesses.

Photos (click to enlarge):

CSI van CSI print analysis CSI exhuming human remains

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Sheriff Craig Roberts

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