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Distracted Danger

Stranger's HouseCharlie thinks it's okay to text and drive. Charlie is about to learn a VERY tough lesson. "Distracted driving" is anything that takes your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. It's incredibly dangerous, but Charlie doesn't care -- not even when he's driving his little sister to school. He's about to learn the error of his ways -- but will he learn too late?

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The Case of the Strange House

Stranger's HouseChloe thinks there may be a drug dealer living across the street! She does the right thing and tells the police -- helping them to clean up her neighborhood! In this coloring and activity book, K-9 Deputies Mik and Nero teach young readers how they can work with police to help keep the streets safe!

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Issue 4: Tough Medicine

Tough Medicine coverCarly -- last seen in "Teen Drinking: The Hardest Lesson" -- is still making bad choices. She's been taking and dealing stolen prescription drugs. When Mik and Nero help find those drugs in her school locker, Carly is forced to deal with the consequences of her mistakes. This action-packed comic -- aimed at kids ages 10 and up -- teaches readers about the very real dangers of prescription drugs.

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Mik & Nero Meet the Deputies!

Meet the Deputies!You've seen Deputy Sheriffs in your community! But do you know everything the Sheriff's Office does to protect, serve and educate the public? In this coloring and activity book, K-9 Deputies Mik and Nero give young readers an action-packed tour of the Sheriff's Office -- and show kids how THEY can get involved!

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Issue 1: Methed Up!

Methed Up! coverClackamas County Sheriff's Office K-9s Mik and Nero help catch a drug addict—and teach kids about the dangers of Methamphetamine—in their first comic-book adventure, "Methed Up!"

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Issue 2: Safety Street

Safety StreetAt a special fair, Mik and Nero teach a young person the basics of bike, pedestrian and road safety!

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Issue 3: Teen Drinking: The Hardest Lesson

Teen Drinking: The Hardest LessonIn this dramatic issue of "Mik & Nero," the dogs help deputies respond to a drunk-driving crash. Readers then learn about the bad decisions that led to that crash.

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The Bubble Book

The Bubble BookIn this special coloring and activity book, Mik and Nero help responsible adults teach children that each of us has a personal space "bubble" that helps keep us safe. Children learn that their personal space, and their bodies, belong to them—and what they should do if someone violates their safe "bubble."

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The Safety Street! Coloring & Activity Book

Safety Street Activity bookThis companion piece to the "Safety Street!" comic features puzzles, mazes and even a board game to reinforce lessons about road, bicycle and pedestrian safety.

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