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Marine Unit

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit partners with the Oregon State Marine Board, and works closely with the United States Coast Guard, Oregon State Police, local fire departments and other county marine units across the state.

Waterway Patrol

Marine Unit boat "Jimmy Shoop."Our Marine deputies patrol all the waterways in Clackamas County including:

Duties include monitoring waterways for hazards and placing warning signs and buoys as aids to navigation and boater safety.

Clackamas County Parks boat ramps

Enforcement, Inspection, Investigation, Search, Training

The Marine Unit also conducts boating-safety examinations, hull inspections, and criminal and accident investigations.

Click here to learn more about our hull inspections.

The Marine Unit also supports the Dive Rescue and SWIFT teams during water-related search-and-rescue operations.

Through a contract with the Oregon State Marine Board, the Marine Unit also provides a comprehensive marine-safety and law-enforcement training program for Clackamas County.

Staffing and Instruction

Marine Unit staffing includes one sergeant and three patrol deputies. All are Marine Board-certified marine-enforcement officers, medical first responders, swift-water-rescue and rope-rescue technicians, as well as members of SWIFT, the Swift Water Incident / Flood Team.

Many of our Marine deputies also instruct for the Oregon State Marine Board, teaching for the Marine Safety and Law Enforcement Academy, and on topics such as drift-boat and jet-boat operations and how to conduct boat-accident investigations.

From May through September, more Marine deputies are added to meet increased patrol obligations during the warmer months.

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Sheriff Craig Roberts

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