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Marine Unit: Hull Inspections

About Our Hull Inspections

The Sheriff's Office Marine Unit conducts hull inspections at the request of the Oregon State Marine Board to complete your registration process. The Marine Board will send you a letter requesting this inspection. Please bring the letter with you to your inspection.

The hull inspection ensures that the vessel information for your title and registration is correct. It does not tell you whether your boat is seaworthy or not.

When is a hull inspection required?

How do I get a hull inspection?

  1. Once you receive your title and registration, physically verify that the information on the title and registration is correct -- including verifying that the hull number on the title and registration matches the one on your boat.
  2. Hull inspections are typically held the first and third Saturday of each month at 12 noon at Clackamette Park, near the boat ramp (1955 Clackamette Dr., Oregon City, OR 97045). [ click for map ]
  3. When events at Clackamette Park prohibit access to the boat ramp, the Marine Unit will conduct hull inspections in the Oregon City Shopping Center parking lot in front of the Firestone dealership.

NOTE: There may be occasions (emergency calls, etc.) when a Marine Unit deputy will not be able to attend a scheduled inspection day. If this happens, contact the Marine Unit at 503-655-8650 and deputies will make sure the inspection is completed as soon as possible.

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