Practical Pistol League

Competing in the Practical Pistol League

Our goal is to provide ongoing practical shooting skill development for public and law enforcement shooters. Skills practiced in our Practical Pistol League may include:

  • Presentations from the holster
  • Rapid Fire
  • Speed and tactical reloading
  • Use of cover
  • Movement
  • Target identification
  • Multiple Targets
  • Moving Targets
  • Low Light
  • No Light (Flashlight)
  • One hand firing - Strong and Support hand


PPL meets at the PSTC for 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9 p.m. A new league starts every other month. 

We generally shoot 3 separate exercises every night — a standard qualification course (many shooters on the line simultaneously) and 2 individual exercises (1 shooter at a time). These exercises may involve dry fire, live fire, role-playing or simulator use.

Plan to shoot, and come prepared with 150 rounds for each of the 6 sessions.


You must register for the League in advance and pay in person or over the phone by calling 503-794-8023. Participation is limited to 10 for each 6-week League. Fees are $160.

Training Prerequisite

Practical Pistol League is open to PST 102 graduates and those who successfully challenge the class standards through the PST 102 level. For more information, contact the PSTC at 503-794-8023.

Equipment Requirements

Practical Pistol League is meant to be practice for self-defense and is oriented toward using what you carry:

  • Self-defense or duty handgun (minimum caliber 9mm/.38 spl.)
  • Safe concealable or duty strong side hip holster
  • Magazine or speed loader carrier
  • At least 3 magazines or speed loaders
  • A tactical flashlight is strongly suggested

Scoring and Prizes

Practical Pistol League is intended as a training, practice, recreational and social event. Scores are for fun, artificial training stress and informal competition with oneself and others.


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