Gun Rentals and Ammo

A variety of firearms on displayed on a wall

Clean-Fire Ammunition

Helpfull staffAll ammunition must be purchased from the PSTC Armory. When available, "clean fire" ammunition will be used. It virtually eliminates lead vapors generated at the firing point — by combining a total metal jacket and a priming mixture containing no toxic elements.

Ammunition for all classes must be purchased from the Public Safety Training Center on day of class.

All ammunition prices are subject to change without notice

Armory Supplies

For the convenience of the shooting enthusiast, the PSTC Armory carries eye protection, hearing protection (electronic and standard over-ear options), targets and self-defense carry ammunition catering to both the public and law enforcement. Additional items include holsters, speed loaders, cleaning supplies, knives, pepper spray and branded PSTC merchandise.

Gun Rentals

The PSTC features a variety of firearms for rental. You must also purchase our ammunition to shoot at the PSTC's ranges.

Gun Rentals

You must have a working firearm with you to rent one.




Beretta BB84Beretta BerettaBB84.380 cal
Beretta 92fsBeretta Beretta92fs9mm
Browning Hi-PowerBrowning BrowningHi-power.40 cal
Colt CobraColt ColtCobra.38 spl
Colt DetectiveColt ColtDetective.38 spl
Colt PythonColt ColtPython.357 cal
CZ 75BDCZ CZ75 BD9mm
Glock 17Glock GlockG17 GEN59mm
Glock 19Glock GlockG19 GEN 59mm
Glock 20Glock GlockG20C10mm
Glock 21Glock GlockG21.45 cal
Glock 22Glock GlockG22 GEN 5.40 cal
Glock 23Glock GlockG23.40 cal
Glock 26Glock GlockG269mm
Glock 27Glock GlockG27.40 cal
 Glock GlockG30 GEN 5.45 cal
 Glock GlockG34 MOS Gen59mm
 Glock GlockG36.45 cal
Glock 42Glock GlockG42.380 cal
Glock 43Glock GlockG439mm
 Glock GlockG43X9mm
 Glock GlockG44.22 cal
 Glock GlockG459mm
 Glock GlockG489mm
HK 40Heckler & Koch H&KUSP.40 cal
HK 9mmHeckler & Koch H&KUSP9mm
HK USPCHeckler & Koch H&KUSPc.45 cal
HK USPCHeckler & Koch H&KUSPc9mm
KahrKahr KahrK99mm
 Kel-Tec Kel-TecPMR-30.22 WMR
 Ruger Ruger22/45.22 cal
RugerRuger RugerBlackhawk.44 mag
RugerRuger RugerGP100.357 cal
RugerRuger RugerLCP.380 cal
Ruger LCRRuger RugerLCR.357 cal
RugerRuger RugerMark III.22 cal
RugerRuger RugerP94.40 cal
Ruger 95Ruger RugerP95DC9mm
RugerRuger RugerSingle Six.22 cal
SigSig Sauer Sig SauerP220.45 cal
SigSig Sauer Sig SauerP2269mm
SigSig Sauer Sig SauerP229.40 cal
SigSig Sauer Sig SauerP2399mm
SigSig Sauer Sig SauerP3659mm
 Sig Sauer Sig SauerP365XL9mm
SigSig Sauer Sig SauerP9389mm
SigSmith & Wesson Smith & Wesson1911.45 cal
SigSmith & Wesson Smith & WessonBG380 Bodyguard.380 cal
SigSmith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P.40 cal
 Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 9 Shield EZ9mm
 Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 9 Shield Plus9mm
Smith & Wesson M&P9Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 9 M2.09mm
Smith & Wesson Compact M&P9CSmith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 9C Compact9mm
Smith & Wesson Shield M&P9CSmith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 9C Shield9mm
 Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 15-22.22 lr
Smith & Wesson Shield EZSmith & Wesson Smith & WessonShield EZ.380 cal
Smith & Wesson 317-1Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson317-1.22 cal
Smith & Wesson 317-1 AirliteSmith & Wesson Smith & Wesson317-1 Airlite.22 cal
Smith & Wesson Model 19Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 19.38 spl
Smith & Wesson Model 60 357Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 60.357 mag
Smith & Wesson Model 60Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 60.38 spl
 Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 337.38 spl
Smith & Weson Model 629Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 629.44 mag
Smith & Wesson 640Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 640.38 spl
Smith & Wesson Model 686Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonModel 686.357 mag
 Springfield SpringfieldHellcat9mm
Springfield XDSpringfield SpringfieldXD.40 cal
 Springfield SpringfieldXD Tactical.45 cal
Springfield XD9cSpringfield SpringfieldXD9c9mm
Springfield XDSSpringfield SpringfieldXDS9mm
Taurus PT138Taurus TaurusPT138.380 cal
 Walther WaltherP22.22 cal
Walther PPKWalther WaltherPPK.380 cal

Long guns

RugerRuger Ruger10/22.22 cal
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22Smith & Wesson Smith & WessonM&P 15-22.22 LR


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