Meet Gregor: The new drug detecting K9 enhancing safety in Clackamas County



In an effort to combat the continuing Fentanyl crisis in our community, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is adding a second drug-detecting K9 unit to our jail team. The Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce that K9 Gregor and his handler, Deputy Bryson Ricker, are now on duty. Gregor, a two-year-old Wirehaired Pointer Black Lab mix from California, has undergone rigorous training to become certified by the Oregon Police Canines Association (OPCA) before being deployed.

K9 Gregor and Deputy Ricker are joining the jail’s original drug detection team of K9 Abbie and Deputy Eliseo Ramos, who have been a constant presence in the halls of the jail since 2018. Deputy Ramos and K9 Abbie have played a pivotal role in significantly reducing the influx of illegal drugs within the facility. The duo’s efforts alone have cut the total amount of contraband smuggled into the jail by about half since their work began.

Adding an additional K9 unit to the Clackamas County Jail team allows for greater drug-detecting coverage throughout the week. While keeping drugs out of the jail is their main mission, K9 Gregor and K9 Abbie also work alongside our Clackamas County Interagency Task Force (CCITF). This team works to disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking organizations, and reduce illegal drugs and related crimes throughout the community thanks to the support of our community with the continued passage of the Public Safety Levy.

Working to detect illegal drugs inside the jail does come with a certain amount of danger. In 2018, K9 Abbie inadvertently suffered the effects of an overdose, prompting immediate action from Deputy Ramos, who administered a life-saving dose of Narcan for canines. Both K9 handlers carry Narcan for their partners and, in the case of human exposure, all jail deputies carry Narcan as a precaution.

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Brian McCall, Public Information Officer
Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office
Communications Unit

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