SOLVED: Joseph Patrick Haley

Case Number

SOLVED: Sheriff's Office makes two arrests in 2009 murder case (Feb. 20, 2020)

Suspect: Unknown
Location of Murder: 3624 SE Westview Ave., Milwaukie, OR
Date of Murder: March 20, 2009

Joe HaleyDetails: Mr. Haley shared an apartment with his girlfriend and another male roommate. On the morning of March 20th two unknown suspects knocked on the apartment door. The physical descriptions indicate that both suspects were male. When the male roommate opened the door, the suspects forced their way inside the apartment.

The male roommate and girlfriend were forced to lie on the floor and remained unharmed during the incident. Mr. Haley was shot twice as he was getting out of bed. The two suspects left the apartment without taking anything from the apartment.

UPDATE: The Sheriff's Office made two arrests in this case in February 2020.