Third-generation member joins Sheriff's Posse


Stacey and Vern

Last week, Undersheriff Copenhaver swore in Stacey Flintjer as a member of our Sheriff's Posse. Stacey is a third-generation member of the Posse. 

And her father and legendary Posse member Vern Hulit, 89, was on hand for the swearing-in.

"Grandpa joined the Posse in 1942, Dad [Vern] joined in 1958, and now me in 2021," Stacey said. 

The Sheriff's Posse is an all-volunteer organization that's helped the Sheriff as needed since 1939. Today you'll see them each holiday season at Clackamas Town Center, patrolling the parking lot on horseback. They've served as backup in local search-and-rescue efforts, keep a hand in several charitable causes, and even offer their own scholarship. Their Posse Equine Advocate Team (PEAT) also helps the Sheriff’s Office manage the county's many equine calls, preventing many unnecessary animal deaths.

Vern Hulit, a retired animal nutritionist and seed wholesaler, is Posse royalty: He's served with the group for well over half a century, watching it take on roles ranging from widely renowned drill team to a cowboy-polo team to a search-and-rescue volunteer unit to charitable organization to holiday patrol fixture, among many other incarnations.

Stacey takes this remarkable legacy seriously, telling us: "I promise to do my absolute best to carry on the tradition and uphold the honor and privilege of membership in this long-standing organization."

You can learn more about the Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse -- and find out how to get involved -- at