Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) was created in 2000 to address the growing need for a specialized corrections unit needed to handle jail emergencies such as inmate disturbances, inmate riots, high-risk inmate transports and any other situation that may be beyond the control of on-duty jail staff.

In 2003, CERT was also tasked with becoming Clackamas County’s only Rapid Response Team (RRT). RRT is designed to deal with civil unrest, crowd control and any other civilian situation that may need a police presence to restore order.

This team comprises members from within the Jail Division — including 16 operators and a team commander.

The team also works in coordination with the Clackamas County Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT).

CERT team members are required to stay in a constant state of readiness — thanks to ongoing physical training and evaluation, plus hundreds of hours of mission-specific training.

The team utilizes a broad range of tactical equipment, including a full spectrum of less-lethal weaponry and munitions.

CERT is also trained to handle:

  • Facility evacuations
  • Court security
  • Officer rescue 

"Semper Vigilo" - Always Vigilant