Community Corrections

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Community Corrections staff will pursue the restoration of losses to victims and communities and provide effective services, sanctions, and supervision to help offenders become law-abiding citizens.

Organizational Values

  • Relationships with employees, offenders, and the community are based on integrity, dignity, and respect.
  • Communication is considerate, open, honest, and direct.
  • People are responsible for their own words and actions.
  • Staff are provided a safe and healthy work environment.
  • We recognize the changing nature of our work and our responsibility to continuously learn and use new knowledge and skills.
  • Public resources are applied responsibly.
  • Teamwork represents the collective strength of individual contribution, resulting from constructive participation, commitment, cooperation, and collaboration.
  • Services provided by our agency will be continually measured and evaluated to insure they are effective and responsive to the needs of victims, offenders, and the community.
  • In support of the agency’s mission, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking are encouraged.

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