Defensive Tactics

Defensive tactics trainingOur Defensive Tactics Unit (DTU) delivers high-quality training in defensive tactics, patrol tactics, use of force and proper mindset. The training equips deputies to safely deal with hostile situations using the proper amount of force.

DTU instructors are responsible for creating a safe training environment, and must keep abreast of the latest use-of-force options. They also help train personnel for other Clackamas County law-enforcement agencies -- and may assist our Firearms Training Unit on the range as additional safety officers. Instructors also keep up-to-date on the maintenance of the personal duty equipment our deputies purchase and carry on patrol.

DTU training equipment includes:

  • Padded suits allow deputies to role-play in full-contact scenarios
  • Simulated ammunitions and weapons are used for confrontational-simulation training
  • Training weapons
  • Striking bags