Clackamas County Jail: Bail and Release Procedures

Security Release

The Clackamas County Jail processes bail as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once bail is posted, it may take 20-30 minutes to receive a receipt for bail. There are times however, when it could take two hours or longer before an inmate is released.

Persons wishing to bail an inmate can do so 24 hours a day -- by going to the Clackamas County jail lobby and notifying the reception deputy they wish to post bail for an inmate.

The person posting will be required to have photo ID and fill out a Citizen Bail form.

You must have the exact cash amount. The Clackamas County Jail DOES NOT ACCEPT personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, traveler's checks, credit cards, debit cards or coins.

Persons posting bail have three options available to them:

  1. Persons may post the entire amount.
  2. Persons may post a portion of the bail amount, with the inmate posting the remainder. In either case, the person will receive a receipt for his/her portion when available.
  3. Person may place monies on the inmate's account. However, the person posting the monies will not receive a bail receipt, but will receive a receipt that money was placed on the inmate's account.

Persons posting bail should be aware that the court will retain 15% of the posted amount as a security release. The court may also order that fines or fees be paid from the posted amount. Failure to show for a scheduled court date may result in seizure of the bail amount.

Court Recognizance Release

Once the courts have released an inmate, it is the policy of the Clackamas County Jail that the inmate be released as soon as possible. However, if the courts released an inmate during arraignment, the inmate will be released after 7 p.m.

Recognizance Release

It is the policy of the Clackamas County Jail that the supervising Corrections Sergeant on duty is authorized to release on personal recognizance any person held for the courts of Clackamas County on probable-cause arrest who is charged with a non-violent misdemeanor, including crimes or infractions, provided such person:

  1. Is a resident and has an address in the State of Oregon.
  2. Is not under the influence of alcohol of drugs at the time of release. (Inmates may not be released until they are a .04 BAC.)
  3. Has been the immediate subject of a State Bureau record check showing:
    1. No holds or wants from any other jurisdiction
    2. If held on a Clackamas County detainer or warrant, does not have a "NO BAIL" provision
    3. No parole or probation status, except Clackamas County misdemeanor probation
    4. No recent record of escape or failure to appear in court
  4. Executes a recognizance agreement
  5. Promises to appear in court on the date directed by the releasing officer
  6. Has not been accused of a crime of violence unless otherwise determined at the discretion of the sergeant

Such supervising corrections sergeant may, at his/her discretion, deny recognizance release to any person otherwise qualified who appears to be a threat to the community.

Such sergeant may likewise impose reasonable conditions in conjunction with recognizance release (i.e. restrictions of place of residence, no contact with alleged victim(s), no contact with complaining witnesses, etc.).

Forced Release

Forced release reduces the overcrowding of the Clackamas County Jail -- under guidelines set down by the Consent Decree, as directed by federal mandate -- while trying to ensure the incarceration of those inmates who pose a threat to the public.

The forced-release schedule is for overcrowding, and will go into effect only when the Jail has achieved 90% or greater of its housing capacity. When the Classification Deputy has determined that the Jail population has reached or exceeded 90% capacity, the deputy will generate a list and select those individuals who are eligible for forced release. The classification deputy will forward the list to the Booking Office specialists and the Sergeant for review and subsequent release.

It is the policy of the Clackamas County Jail to ensure that the releases are done objectively, without discrimination against any inmate -- regardless of physical handicap, sex, race, creed, cultural background, or origin -- while maintaining the highest level of safety to the general public.