Clackamas County Jail: Electronic Home Detention

Ankle monitorThe Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Electronic Home Detention Program is an alternative to jail incarnation for non-violent offenders to serve a portion of their jail sentence/pre-trial time confined to their home, making more space available in our jail for inmates who pose a greater threat to the community. This program also allows inmates to work, attend school, medical appointments, drug, alcohol and mental health treatment. 

While on Electronic Home Detention, inmates wear an ankle bracelet that allows jail staff to track their movements in the community. Participants must pre-arrange their weekly schedule with the Electronic Home Detention monitoring team and must remain within a 40-mile radius of the jail and inside the State of Oregon.

Participants of the program are subject to random home visits by EHD deputies. All adult residents within the home are required to sign a Consent to Search form. All occupants of the residence must agree to abide by the EHD rules while in the residence. All weapons, alcohol and illegal drugs must be removed from the residence, and all adults must consent in writing to searches by law enforcement before the inmate starts the program.

Participants are required to maintain sobriety and continue with counseling or treatment as required by the court.

The Electronic Home Detention program is ran in conjunction with RMOMS (Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems). RMOMS also works with County and Municipal government agencies to provide local jail population mitigation programs using our electronic monitoring technology, as well as case management supervision and day reporting programs.  RMOMS works closely with the Clackamas County Sheriff Office providing behavior changing Alcohol Monitoring, House Arrest and Case Management programs. RMOMS Oregon office is located in Oregon City [ address and directions ].

How to Apply

Inmates interested in Electronic Home Detention must personally fill out an application and meet stringent eligibility requirements. The selection to the program is not automatic and at the discretion of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. Participating in the program is a privilege that can be revoked at any time due to inappropriate behavior, program rule violations or the inability to pay required fees. If revoked/failed, inmates will be returned to the jail to complete their incarceration sentence.


Inmates must have the ability to pay a non-refundable screening fee, UA cost and daily fees.  Exceptions may be made for assistance but all monies must be repaid to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office through a repayment plan. Cost are subject to change without notice.