Clackamas County Jail: Fast Facts

  • The quality of our Jail is continually being evaluated. Each year, for example, a Grand Jury is convened to listen to testimony and inspect the county's Jail, Correctional Facility and Juvenile Intake Center. The Jail has also been audited and assessed by the National Institute of Corrections and the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association.
  • The Oregon Jail Standards Board awarded the Clackamas County Jail a 97.4-percent compliance rating - one of the highest grades in the state.
  • The Jail employs 127 full and part-time employees.
  • Approximately 16,000 offenders are booked into and processed at the Clackamas County Jail annually.
  • The Jail spends approximately $12,000 per month for inmate medications. The majority of this cost is for psychotropic medications serving the 18-20% average daily inmate population who suffer from mental-health issues.
  • The Jail's kitchen serves roughly 36,000 meals per month. The average cost is 91 cents per meal, which only covers the food costs.
  • The Jail provides its own laundry service using inmate labor. The annual savings is about $50,000 per year versus contracting this service.
  • The Sheriff's Electronic Home Detention program monitors prisoners remotely using electronic ankle bracelets - freeing up as many as 100 Jail beds per day.
  • The Jail provides inmates with AA/NA meetings, religious services, adult basic-education and life-skills opportunities, and an inmate law library.