Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Careers

The Sheriff’s Office offers:

Are you prepared?

As an applicant, are you prepared to:

  • Understand -- and then describe -- what a patrol or jail deputy’s duties include?
  • Explain how your knowledge, skills and abilities make you an excellent deputy candidate?
  • Answer a background investigator's questions?
  • Answer a psychologist's questions?

As a new-hire recruit, are you prepared to:

  • Type reports?
  • Stand up in court?
  • Take a faceful of pepper-spray during your training?
  • Learn from the mistakes you'll make during field training?
  • Interact with members of the public who may not want to see you?

Why are we asking you these tough questions? We want you to understand the job and the training  -- it will increase your chance of success. 

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