Current CCSO Job Openings

Deputy Sheriff, Lateral (Experienced Patrol) - Sworn


We’re looking for experienced, highly motivated, self-­directed candidates with strong communication and interpersonal skills for Deputy Sheriff.

This recruitment is open to applicants who are currently or have been certified as a basic police officer within the last five (5) years and have completed at least eighteen (18) months of law-enforcement experience as a uniformed civilian peace officer. Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards & Training (DPSST) maintains authority to determine acceptable lateral transfer of out of state certification to Oregon.

  • Applicants not meeting these criteria will be inactivated. If you are not currently or have not been certified as a basic police officer with at least eighteen (18) months of law enforcement experience within the last five (5) years, please apply for the Deputy Sheriff, Recruit position when available.

Health Care Administrative Services Manager (Jail)


We're looking for a Health Care Administrative Services Manager to directly oversee the provision of contracted mental and medical health care services at the Jail. 

This position:

  • Requires a medical professional familiar with medical and mental health care service delivery, to provide quality assurance and oversight of health care services provided at the Clackamas County Jail.
  • Oversees the non-sworn administrative staff within the Jail, which includes an Office Manager, Management Analyst 2 and Microcomputer Specialist positions.  

Most competitive candidates will have experience working in a correctional setting providing health care services to those with mental-health and/or substance-abuse issues.