Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for processing, serving and enforcing court orders and a variety of other documents issued by the courts.

Examples of civil papers include: small claims, notices, evictions, civil subpoenas, writs of garnishment, restraining orders and foreclosures of real or personal property as ordered by the courts.

The Civil Section also processes and serves criminal subpoenas for the District Attorney and the Juvenile Department.

Civil Division staff are trained in civil process to ensure that all court orders are processed in accordance with Oregon law and the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure. After ensuring the papers are complete, a civil deputy delivers the documents to the person named on the paper, or if the law allows, to a responsible party.

Contact the Civil Division

807 Main St., Room 100
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: 503-655-8351, option 3

Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 12 noon and 1 - 4 p.m.
(Closed Holidays and 12 noon to 1 p.m.)

If you would like the Sheriff's Office to assist with processing and serving your legal documents, we need the following:

  1. The appropriate fee. See below for our fee schedule. If you are sending the documents in the mail, please include a check, money order, or cashier's check payable to Clackamas County Sheriff's Office or CCSO.
  2. A Letter of Instructions form.
  3. If there is more than one defendant you would like us to serve, fill out an Additional Persons to be Served form. If there is any doubt as to what you want the Sheriff's Office to do, papers will be returned to you.
  4. Certified true copies of the documents for each party to be served, and in some instances, a court seal.

Service Fees

Generally, there is a fee charged to process and serve civil papers. State law or county ordinance sets the fee that is charged for our services. Service fees are non-refundable. Checks or Money Orders for fees should be made payable to Clackamas County Sheriff. 


Type of DocumentFee 
Notice Process
(Such as summons, complaints, petitions, divorce documents, small claims, notice of restitutions, etc.)
1-2 parties (same address)$50
3 parties
(same address)
4 parties
(same address)
*add additional $28 per each defendant at same address* 
Writs of Garnishment
*Include a separate check made payable to the financial institution or bank for $15.00 search fee, if being served to a financial institution or bank
Enforcement Action Minimum Fee
(Fees vary by the type of enforcement action, so please call to verify)
Child Pickups: $139.00
Conveying Property (deeds, etc.)$56
Mileage in excess of 75 miles round trip$50

Civil Division Overview

Our Civil Division handles the following:

Civil Process

The Civil Process Unit serves and enforces all civil process received by the Sheriff's Office. ORS 206.010 (3) tells us the Sheriff must "execute the process and orders of the courts of justice or judicial officers, when delivered to the sheriff for that purpose, according to the law."

This includes "Notice" process -- including Small Claim, Subpoena, and Summons and Complaint -- and "Enforcement" process, which includes Writ of Execution, Claim and Delivery, or Writ of Assistance.

Court Security/Transports/Extraditions

This Civil unit provides transportation for jail inmates to and from the courts. It also provides security for the Clackamas County Courthouse complex (including the courthouse, law library, and annexes), its employees and its occupants.

Risk Management

Clackamas County has a self-insurance program -- and the Sheriff's Office is a full participant. Our Civil Division Commander represents the Sheriff's concerns and coordinates with the County Risk Management Program.

Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on the type of paper and on the volume of active papers. Some papers are higher priorities than others. We will make attempt(s) until papers are served, or until we can show the person is not servable, or the date on the paper(s) expires.


No. Fees paid to the Sheriff are for processing and attempting service. In almost all instances several attempts are made at different times/days if the respondent is not contacted on the first attempt.


Because of the volume of work in our office, and because papers may still be active in the field with a Deputy, we are unable to provide status of papers over the phone. We mail notices of service as soon as a disposition occurs. 


The Sheriff is required to post the initial notice of sale online. You can find these postings here, and through the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association website.


Deliver your completed subpoena to the main sheriff’s office with the appropriate fee. If you have questions regarding submitting your subpoena service request for a CCSO Deputy, please contact: