Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO)

Emergency Vehicle Operations

The goals of the EVO program are:

  1. To teach drivers the skills they need to perform their jobs safely and efficiently while operating an emergency vehicle.
  2. To help enable drivers to safeguard lives and property through the use of good judgement during emergency vehicle operation.
  3. To minimize the risk to life and injury through the use of innovative and realistic techniques for avoiding and minimizing collisions.

These goals are met by instructing students not only the physical aspect of driving, but also the mental aspect. Instructors attempt to change the mindset of drivers from "Defensive" driving (simply reacting to events occurring around them), to that of being "Proactive" (an active participant). By making important decisions and having the vehicle move the way a driver wants it to, they are not forced to simply sit back and hold on in the event of an emergency.


  • Basic Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
  • Pursuit Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
  • Pursuit Intervention Technique
  • Proactive Driving (for non-sworn/non-police employees)
  • Other classes that can be tailored to the needs of departments/agencies

All instructors are certified through DPSST (the state agency regulating public pafety employees) after a three-week instructor school and 96-hour supervised field-instruction program. Course content involves mastery of driving techniques as well as classroom presentation, instruction methodology and the instructor development course. Instructors remain current on changing case law and laws/rules governing the operation of emergency vehicles and provide updates to department members. Instructors also provide annual in-service training to several departments within Clackamas County. Instructors are involved in selection and testing of new equipment relating to emergency vehicles.

All class and track material is portable and ready to travel at a moment's notice, so instruction may be taken to agencies/groups requesting instruction. Department instructors are highly qualified both in the classroom and at the track. Many instruct in several topics and have developed customized training plans to specifically address the needs of agencies. Over the past several years the Clackamas County Emergency Vehicle Operations instructors have instructed at departments throughout the metro area and beyond. Our instructors have received requests for instruction from the coast as well as central Oregon.

If you are looking for assistance, contact the Sheriff's Office Training Coordinator at 503-794-8071.