Finance and Business Services Division


The Sheriff’s Office Finance and Business Services Division is comprised of six major areas: Accounting and Finance, Budget, Contracts and Agreements, Grants Management, Payroll, and Procurement. 


Accounting and Finance: The Accounting and Finance component encompasses the financial activities of the Sheriff's Office in the areas of accounts payable, accounts receivable, ensuring accuracy of transactions posted to the County general ledger, revenue collections, and tracking and posting restricted funding, as well as, other cash management functions. 


Budget: The Budget component encompasses the preparation of the Sheriff’s Office fiscal year operating budgets, both in the Restricted (i.e., Public Safety Local Option Levy, Enhanced Law Enforcement District, Forfeiture Funds, and other dedicated revenue sources) and Unrestricted (i.e., allocated General Fund dollars) capacity. The Budget component also continually monitors operating expenditures and revenues, as well as, capital expenditures. This is accomplished through means that include the preparation and analysis of fiscal reports including periodic financial statements, summaries, revenues and expenditures reporting, and budget calculations, forecasting, and projections. Learn more about the Sheriff’s Office Operating Budget here.


Agreements: The Finance and Business Services Division is responsible for negotiating, drafting, and finalizing all agreements that begin with the Sheriff’s Office, which include Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) and Interagency Agreements (IAAs) between and within governments. In completing these documents, a member of the Division works with County Counsel to ensure the documents are legally sound and presents them before the Board of County Commissioners for final approval.  


Grant Management: The Grants Management component encompasses the budgeting, accounting, fiscal reporting, and year-end reconciliation as it relates to the various grant awards from state, local, and federal sources. The Grants Management component also ensures compliance with various grant fund regulations and restrictions.


Payroll: The Payroll component, in collaboration with the Clackamas County Finance Department, involves the processing and management of employee pay, which includes, but is not limited to, regular bi-monthly employee salary.


Procurement and Contracts:  The Procurement and Contracts function includes ensuring public procurement rules, regulations, laws, and County policies are followed in securing goods and services. This includes identifying the goods or services needed, requesting bids or proposals, ensuring transactions are accurately posted in the County financial system, ensuring proper coding per the Sheriff’s Office Chart of Accounts, authorization for the purchase, and documentation of the transactions.

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