Corrections Training Coordinator

The Corrections Training Coordinator (CTC) is a special assignment for deputies working in the Corrections Division. It is a four-year rotation for one deputy, and has a number of responsibilities:

  • Corrections Training Coordinators handle orientation and initial training for all new-hires in the division, including scheduling new security staff for the DPSST basic academy.
  • They also assign new employees to their trainers in our field training evaluation program (FTEP), monitors their progress and is actively involved with their development throughout their career.
  • In addition, Corrections Training Coordinators are actively involved with training new recruits throughout the state by participating in the DPSST Academy. CTCs act as scenario evaluators, role-players and instructors, and helped design the scenario-based training program used to provide quality, realistic, hands-on training for new employees.
  • The Training Coordinator also continually looks for new, high-quality training to provide to the Corrections Division as a whole -- and ensures that all Jail staff meet their minimum annual training hours to maintain certification.
  • When training occurs, the Training Coordinator tracks all training hours through DPSST, and is responsible for coordinating the training -- including conference registrations, hotel reservations and anything else needed to attend that training.
  • The Corrections Training Coordinator also works with the Training Coordinators in other Sheriff's Office divisions to help with department-wide training.
  • The Training Coordinator works in concert with the Defensive Tactics Unit, Firearms Training Unit and other specialty teams to bring the best possible training to the Corrections staff to ensure we have the most highly trained and qualified staff possible.
  • The Training Coordinator is also responsible for jail tours -- allowing community members, prospective applicants and others to see the inside workings of a correctional facility. If you're interested in a tour, speak with our training coordinator and see if you're eligible.