Patrol Division

Patrol serves several vital functions -- including crisis intervention, intake functions for crime and social problems, and a vast array of other statutory functions.

Crisis Intervention

Patrol deputies intervene directly in crisis situations. These include crimes in progress -- in which a patrol response is necessary to prevent injury or damage to property -- as well as crises of a non-criminal nature, such as injuries, suicide attempts, lost persons, etc.


The patrol deputy also serves as intake person for most reported crimes. Patrol responds to most crime victims personally or by telephone. They generate written reports and conduct initial investigations into major crimes and often complete investigations of less serious crimes.

Patrol serves as an intake point for social problems of a non-criminal nature. These include placement of runaway juveniles and assistance to stranded motorists. In many way, a Patrol deputy serves as a 24-hour-per-day intake point for local government services.

Deputies also provide direct assistance to city residents and their police. They provide both routine and emergency back-up for city police officers and special units -- including K9, SWAT, and CRAFT, among others.