Welcome aboard!


We also have staff who can assist you once your begin employment. Feel free to call Lori Okami at 503-785-5001 if you have any questions that can't be answered by the information on the County Onboarding site and on this page.

1. Your very first step is to connect with the Clackamas County Onboarding web site and follow the instructions given to you. This is very important. You will be given instructions to fill out the I-9 (Immigration Form), W4 Form, Benefit information, and paycheck information. These forms need to be filled out prior to your first day of work.

2. Official Personnel Action: You will receive an e-mail from Sheriff's Office staff with a copy of the official personnel action used to document details about your appointment. If you do not have e-mail we will send it to you by U.S. Mail. You should receive this either before your first day or work or at the latest by the end of the first week of your employment.

3. Please review the following forms and policies. You will NOT complete these forms online. You will be given copies on your first day of work and will be required to sign an acknowledgement that you have read, understood and will conform your conduct to the policies below.

a. Oath of Office: Click on this link to review this form (PDF format).

b. Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy: Click on this link to review this form (PDF format).

4. The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST): This is a state agency given the authority by state law to provide training and officially certify employees in police, fire, corrections, parole and probation, telecommunications personnel, private security providers and private investigators. You will hear the name of this Department many times during your law enforcement career. You can learn more about DPSST at this link.

5. Your Photo: We will take your photo your first day of work for your ID and for our records. A reminder: At that time, you must be in compliance with CCSO grooming standards -- if you are in a uniformed position, this means that the only facial hair allowed is a mustache.

6. Hepatitis B Shots: For employees who will come in contact with the public and need a vaccination, you will receive Hepatitis B shots at our Jail clinic unless you have already received these vaccinations. You will be asked to supply the dates and location where you received these shots. Click below to review the forms to use for either scheduling the Hepatitis B shots or to let us know you already received them:

- Hepatitis B Vaccination Request (PDF format)

- Hepatitis B Vaccine Decline Or Previous Vaccination (PDF format)

7. For ONLY Deputy Sheriff, Recruit Deputy Sheriff, Corrections Deputy and Recruit Corrections Deputy and other sworn positions (that have the ability to arrest): In addition to the two forms listed above, you may want to review the additional forms/information listed below. You will NOT complete these forms online. You will be given copies on your first day of work and asked to sign at that time.

a. DPSST Alternate Designation of Beneficiary: Click on this link to  review this form (PDF format).

b. If you own property in Clackamas County: Application to Suppress Property Owner Name from Public Disclosure: Click on this link to review this form (PDF format). If you own property in another county, you may want to contact your county Assessment and Taxation Division to see if they supply a similar form.

8. Other VERY useful information for ALL CCSO employees:

a. Clackamas County Peace Officer's Association (CCPOA): A copy of the most recent agreement with Clackamas County can be found here, or on the County's Department of Employee Services Union Contracts page.

b. Organizational Chart: Click on this link to view the Sheriff's Office most recent organizational chart (PDF format).

c. Sheriff's Welcome: You will be scheduled to meet with Sheriff Roberts in a group meeting sometime during your first 6 months of employment.